I'm going to leave my family enough problems. "It's all I ever did, since I was 18hang on ropes, blow shit up," he told me over a plate of eggs and hash browns. I'd driven up here before dawn from Kelowna, with Okanagan Lake's 85 miles of shoreline my near constant companion just off the right shoulder, the sun creeping through the morning mist that until only a few moments ago shrouded the valley's rocky peaks. While Hall's blind love for car collection and restoration does indeed lead him to make some less than financially sound decisions, his entrepreneurial history suggests he's no amateur when it comes to running a business. The gearhead behind the popular TV show Rust Valley Restorers held a successful and "bittersweet" auction this weekend that emptied. Mr Hall, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, had been in second place when he was hit by a car travelling at 100km/h (62 mph) at 06.22 local time on 31 March. Even when his son, Conner, tells his dad he's losing money on a project, Mike chalks up the losses to being a long-term "investment" and it's hard to argue with the man's logic. He posted a sales advertisement for the land and all of the cars on it for a whopping $1.19 million but didn't receive any sellers. A Qapter Audience: Gore Mutual Insurance to use Soleras Qapter for damage assessment, Saving Your Glass: Ford drops tips on repairing ADAS-connected windshields. He pauses. This lot includes all the 400 plus cars in his collection. Sydney Morton visited the lot that sports more than 500 classic cars before they go to auction. On top of that, Mike i. Despite his success and new-found fame as the star of a popular reality show now in its third season, Hall still likes to keep details of his personal life quiet and even eschews social media. It's our first meeting in person after a few weeks of phone calls, and after shaking hands and waiting for the rest of Mike's crew to join us, we walk into the diner and pick a table near the middle of the establishment. Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. Though Shoaf has intentionally (and, in a rare turn of events, successfully) kept the majority of his personal life and history out of the public eye, there are a few things we know. Fox opens up about Parkinsons progression: I wont be 80, PSAC deal: What the tentative agreement says about remote work, PSAC and Treasury Board reach deal ending job action for 120,000 workers, PSAC ends strike as union reaches tentative deal with Treasury Board, PSAC strike: No word on working from home for deal with feds, Weekly grocery bill has increased by over $100 say 1 in 5 Canadians: poll. By this time, GM had instituted a policy that all mid-sized cars use two different wheelbases, and thus two-door models like this came with the 112-inch base, while sedans had 116. To describe each and every vehicle that I'm seeing would require an encyclopedic knowledge of the automotive landscape, but not only does Mike instantly identify, without exception, the make, model, and options offered by each of the cars in the yard, he also has their complete back-stories readily available to him via some fantastical mental Rolodex that has tracked the provenance of every purchase he's ever made for the past four decades. Hall was previously part of the cast of another reality show, the Canadian documentary series Highway Through Hell, which began in 2012. After selling his property in Tappen earlier that year, the car lover made the difficult decision to part with the majority of his collection. he replies, laughing. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Required fields are marked *. The whole day was a blur, he said. "I was supposed to keep ten and I ended up keeping 52. By the time we get to the yard, however, my rental car panting and foaming at the mouth trying to keep up with Hall's SS, I can easily see that Avery's crack simply isn't true. According to Hot Cars' Cory Barclay, the "Rust Valley Restorers" star, as of December 2021, had managed to rake in about five million dollars, "mostly from construction while the rest of the equity is in the cars and property he owns.". 7.9K views, 67 likes, 12 loves, 17 comments, 15 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from ABC30 Action News: WATCH LIVE: Watch the 109th Annual Clovis Rodeo. show Rust Valley Restorers have a chance to bring home a piece of the now famous field of dreams. In the end, the TV personality ended up holding on to "just" 52 cars. Citing one customer's dream restoration job, Conner said that the Rust Bros. owner, his pops, once agreed to fix up someone's 1963 Continental Convertible and quoted them $15,000 for all of the work. "I've watched friends die and then their wives and their families have to deal with their problems. As it turns out, Hall owned his own business in the Slope Stabilizationindustry called Chimera Springs Rock Works (via Hot Cars). Sydney Morton visited the lot that sports . Submitted Next month, an auction at Mike Hall's famous "field of dreams" will likely attract a sizable crowd.. In May, Corus Entertainment announced a fourth season of the series would begin airing in February. We drive back to the main yard, the Chevy's exhaust roaring and the tires squealing away from every stop. One is going to New York State, one is lined up for Michigan and just about every Canadian province will get a piece of his beloved collection. As Hall told Driving Canada in 2019, his car restoration business got off to a rocky start: "My accountant told me I lost a lot of money," he told the outlet, explaining that the previous year, he'd "only broken even on two cars." The Majority of Mike Hall's car collection was auctioned off in 2021 CBC/YouTube Hall may be generous, but that hardly means it was easy for him to part with the massive collection of antique. I look over at the clump of blonde dreads hanging out the window of the straight-piped muscle machine and smile. Mike Hall (cyclist) (1981-2017), British cyclist and race organiser. An integral member of that team, mechanic and series star Avery Shoaftook a similarly unconventional path to reality TVfame. Fans of the T.V. Further, we will also talk about his wife, children, \u0026 net worth in this video.Timecodes0:00 Who Is Mike Hall of Rust Valley Restorers?0:50 Did Mike Hall Sell Rust Valley Restorers?1:39 Mike Hall Sold His Field of Dreams2:36 Mike Hall Early Life, Parents3:01 Who is Mike Hall's Wife?3:15 He Has A Son With His partner3:58 What Is Mike Hall's Net Worth?Video by MART PRODUCTION from PexelsKelly L from PexelsKetut Subiyanto from PexelsPavel Danilyuk from PexelsKampus Production from PexelsTima Miroshnichenko from PexelsRust Valley Restorers History Channel and NetflixMusic Hero by Roa https://soundcloud.com/roa_music1031Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported CC BY 3.0Free Download / Stream: https://bit.ly/3ctGBnoMusic promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/lQ-ZCBD6Photo by Laker from Pexels#MikeHall #RustValleyRestorers #CelebrityDigest A twin car to the Ford Pinto, which was not a very sexy (or safe) car, there is still a certain novelty to this old school hatchback that makes it an amusing find. 66 views, 1 likes, 1 loves, 2 comments, 2 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from New Life Ministry: Community Unity Service - April 30, 2023 - Behold the. "You always have to work a little extra harder," she said, adding that constantly having to prove herself "puts the fire under (her)" to do exactly that. As of 2021, the North Carolina native andOkanagan College Auto Collision Repair major had an estimated net worth of $1.2 million (via FanBuzz), but that hasn't prevented her from taking her work seriously. Hall knows it, too. In no time, Mike began landing various phone calls and offers for his cars and property, including proposals . It was a 318 car, and we did a 340, and I lost 10k on it after I sold it. Super cool!". Plopping down beside Mike at breakfast is Felix, who confirms the Hall has done little to temper his habit in the face of the impending divestment. 2006-07; An estimate is a best guess. While most of the entries on this list have been classic sedans and muscle cars, one of the more significant finds was this post-war Austin truck from 1954. This full-sized rear-wheel-drive car was available in Canada for thirty years, but it was only sold in America between 1983 and 1986. My eye darts from the late-'60s Cutlass hardtop to the pair of 67 Dodge Charger 383s sitting side-by-each, to the patina-ed Ford pickup with the bullet hole in the windshield. The majority of Hall's money which, as the series reveals, he puts mostly into his cars and restoration business came from his work in what's often vaguely alluded to as "construction." The red hatchback sold for $2,300. You've have to be 300 to get it done, and you still might not make it.". Hall had accumulated the vehicles over decades before a TV show was made out of his passion for old cars and trucks. Before he was a reality TV star, Mike Hall was in the construction business. Setting the Table: Changes to colour blending coming to MOTOR GTE in Oct. Painting with Patience: Refinish times on the rise, according to new Enterprise LOR report, Specialty Services: Excellence Auto Collision achieves Rivian certification, EV/AV Report: EV growth, ZEV shares and more chargers, Bringing the Best: Setup for 34th annual Skills Ontario competition underway, running May 1-3. Family. Read the full article on Motorious. For those few, fleeting seconds, I feel like I've tapped into that same, calming peace Mike finds here among his treasures. Since Hall was a collector not a restorer, he was initially hesitant, but after putting together a team and funding over three days, he ultimately agreed to take the plunge (via Castanet Kamloops). The SS has its own unique back-story, of course. please scroll down and read all info new lots added! He's sold the property and is in the process of selling the cars through the auction house, Electric Garage. The AMX was only produced from 1968 to 1970 and came with several engine options, and this one comes with the 390 cu in (6.4 L) V8 engine with 315 hp. The catch? "I like buying them, but I'm going to pick easier ones to do from now on. Thats where more than 550 of his classic cars in various states of disrepair have been parked for decades, awaiting restoration to their former glory a process that famously plays out on the show. Mike Hall (rugby union) (born 1965), Welsh rugby union international. Instead, Mike wheels his Chevelle up the dirt path that leads up behind the museum, past two rows of shops, and into a yard framed by shipping containers on the left, and a garage on the right. That eventually caught the attention of Mayhem Entertainment, who wanted to produce a show about the work Mike and his crew did on a daily basis. But, the rural property has been sold, and Hall had to clear out the collection. Rust Valley Restorers' Mike Hall had developed quite an impressive car collection. "Basically I have mixed feelings," said Mike about bidding his collection goodbye. I hope your show continues and Im still watching the re-runs over and over. Mike Hall's 400-car collection and all the land it sits on can be yours if you dare to dream the same dream. Mike Hall has acquired over 400 wrecked cars Interestingly, Mike Hall, one of the stars of the show, can't resist the challenge of transforming an old abandoned car into a work of art. Mike Hall's Early Life And Family Created by Matthew Shewchukand Tyson Hepburn and originally aired on the History Channel, the show was eventually picked up by Netflix, and its first three seasons are currently available on the streaming service. So, how much is Mike Hall worth at the age of 36 years old? While there are some exceptions, shows that are predicated on the work folks do in an established business on the daily, like Mike Hall on Rust Valley Restorers, aren't giving massive payouts. More immediately, it's largely about the fact that the man spends the vast majority of his time out on the road with his rock scaling business, leaving him few spare moments to restore any of the vehicles he has dragged home. I thought that was fun. Hall found many of the vehicles as he travelled around B.C., working as a rock scaling contractor, he explained. One of those women,Auto Body Apprentice Cassidy McEown, has been a major player in several "Rust Valley Restorers" episodes, and her Instagram following rivals that of any of her co-stars. Last Saturday, Hall sold the majority of his cars at an auction that drew hundreds of people to Tappen. Mike Hall's original offer for the property he owned along with the cars was for some $1.19 million. When I ask him what he thinks he has the most of, his buddy Avery, who has also joined us for breakfast, chimes in with a resounding "JUNK!" Equipped with bucket seats, the original console, and a 318-cubic-inch engine, this car which miraculously runs sold for $12,000. 1.7K views, 34 likes, 6 loves, 10 comments, 13 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from SURE Group Real Estate: Mike Soper of Soper Investment Group stops by to share his background and how he got. One of the rarest cars Hall accumulated, AMCs has been out of production for over 30 years. Mike Hall: I did. Mike Hall is a well-known name in the world of classic car restoration, the co-owner and head mechanic of Rust Valley Restorers, a business based in Tappen, British Columbia. The cars are going to be shipped far and wide. Hall may be generous, but that hardly means it was easy for him to part with the massive collection of antique cars (over 500 of them) that he auctioned off in October of 2021. He and his wife live with his dog, Minnie, on a 26-acre farm in Tappen, British Columbia. Then What? The Rust Valley Restorers feels bittersweet about parting with his collection. "Someone's got to be as stupid as me, or as crazy as me to actually see the potential. After the war, Austin produced trucks solely for agricultural and industrial needs, the Austin 3 was one of the most commonly used trucks until big rigs became the main method of logistic transportation. Old habits die hard however, and Hall isn't out of the classic car business just yet. The 1958 Bel Air features most of its original parts, and despite a small amount of rust discoloration still has a nice sheen to its white paint job, and the original chrome trim, amazingly, looks as good as new. If you picked 30 cars, restored them, you could sell the other 350 or so to fund the projects. The gearhead behind the popular TV show Rust Valley Restorers held a successful and bittersweet auction this weekend that emptied out his famed field of dreams in Tappen, B.C. At the charity's Jingle Bell Rock Dinner & Dance in December of that year, raffle participantLouise Dagg took home the restored 1968 Camaro SS Convertible, kicking-off what would become an annual event for Kamloops' Habitat for Humanity. As Hall has said many times, he never actually viewed himself as the cars' owner, but as their temporary caretaker (via CBCYouTube). When there were no takers, he raised the price a bit to $1.45 in 2017, and suddenly caught the attention of collectors and video producers who wanted to profile this man with 400 dead cars in his backyard. That doesn't mean the man isn't quick to earn a buck where he can, various press outlets once visited his property to take photos of his cars and he said they could under one condition: they had to pay $10 each to snap pictures. It's time for somebody else to take care of them.". Rust Valley Restorers host to empty his field of dreams with live auction. emanating from the driver's seat of a burgundy '68 Chevelle SS. In 2020, Mike is 64 years young and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Along with his partner, Olivier, seated to my left, the two have traveled all the way to B.C. More Hall Pages. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Some stuff went for way more than I thought it would and some for way less.. He was living in Kamloops when his collection grew to a point where he. He is the owner of the auto restoration company Rust Bros Restorations. Out of all the gems to leave Halls ownership, this one is of the most impressive finds. It is a priority for CBC to create products that are accessible to all in Canada including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. Want to discuss? Not long ago, he put all but 50 of his 500+ cars up for auction. With his sights set toward retirement, Hall made the decision to shed the burden of his 550-strong car collection at auction on Saturday. Now contemplating the other side of 60, Hall has barely slowed down in any area of his life. In the case of the Canadian-based car restoration show, those personalities include instantly recognizable auto shop owner Mike Hall, his business-minded son, Connor Hall, his go-to mechanic, Avery Shoaf(aka, the "muscle car MacGyver"), and young auto body apprentice CassidyMcEown. If you bought something, send us pictures of it once you get it home! For Mike, he says the biggest issue when it comes to trying to turn a profit on the cars is the constant battle between providing an estimate versus a quote, "Thats when the trouble starts. 500 cars sold one day," EG posted on its Facebook page. Copyright 2023 Distractify. I mean, the last four properties I bought have been to move cars to.". The fact there were young people and families with kids buying them that feels good, said Hall. 544 views, 60 likes, 1 loves, 15 comments, 9 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from Long Island Audit Fans: State's Attorney Objects to Trial Being. "I sold the car to a buddy, but regretted it and bought it back 15 years later. "I've got ADD," he tells me, "so it's easy for me to get distracted.". Your email address will not be published. Now 66 years of age, Mike Hall boasts an estimated net worth of $5 million - quite respectable for someone who re-sells old cars. Did the 1964 Ford Galaxie XL sell? Alberta elections: What to expect as writ drops? "One guy can't do all of this," he continues, a realization that he's had for quite some time. This isn't the first time Mike Hall has tried to find t buyer for the property and the cars altogether. It will be on Corus, as well as the History network and Amazon. The majority of his net worth comes not only . This truck will need some new tires, maybe a little axle work as well, but for the $3,450 it's sold for it is worth the endeavor. His net worth has been growing significantly in 2021-2022. Appearing on reality TV shows, for the most part, doesn't pay the bills to the extent that many people think it does, and this is especially true of series that only last a few seasons. Yeah, it was cool. Despite his success, there's quite a bit of truth to the narrative that Hall puts his love for cars over his love for money, and the road to reality TV stardom was filled with potholes. Did Mike Hall lose his property? By now we're picking our way down the hillthe one that made Mike quit smoking several years ago, he tells meand I'm getting a full view of the field ahead. From rare muscle cars to gorgeous luxury classics, these cars prove that Mike Hall's junkyard was a treasure trove all along. the show posted on its Instagram page. Hall has been restoring classic cars since the 1990s, and his work has earned him both regional and worldwide praise. Out of all the cars that Mike Hall has accumulated throughout his life, here are some gems that were uncovered during the auction, and while several of the cars sold were either parts cars or merely shells, these beauties still run and will make great restoration projects for their new owners. As Mike said in an interview with Driving.ca, "My accountant told me I lost a lot of money. The Mopar angle has lead him to some interesting places, with a number of low-production Dodges and Plymouths now haunting the grounds. One of their best muscle cars was the AMX, so finding one that runs on this lot of 500 plus parts cars is astounding. Details on his financial situation. "Try not to falla four letter word, only happens once," he said, with the gallows chuckle of anyone who's ever had to square away the realities of a dangerous job with the confidence and competence required to get it done, day in, day out. Like so many surprisingly compelling occupational reality TV series (we're lookin' at you, "American Pickers"), "Rust Valley Restorers" succeeds, in large part, thanks to the unique collection of personalities around which the day-to-day events revolve. Some hard-to-find iron will be auctioned off includes a '68 Plymouth Satellite Sport, '65 Valiant convertible, rust-free 1970 Roadrunner with a 383, '66 Cyclone GT convertible, an El Camino, 65 Beaumont convertible and other items ranging from ATVs to work trucks. talking heads this must be the place,
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