Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicle technology has made a breakthrough in the past decade, with the development of 3D point clouds, human detection, vehicle detection, intelligent cockpit, and other technologies. The autonomous vehicle has been increasingly practical, becoming a typical application scenario of AI technology commercialization.

We can provide cost-effective and highly accurate training and validation data to improve your autonomous vehicle models. We can offer a wild range of data types covering different languages and demands.

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Cases for Autonomous Driving

3D Point Cloud

3D object detection provides more scene information required by environment perception than ordinary 2D detection. 3D
object detection can be carried out by monocular camera, binocular camera and LiDAR

Vehicle Detection

Bounding box, polygons and vehicle attributes

Lane Line Detection

Lane line track annotation, lane line segmentation area annotation, attribute annotation. Lane line fitting annotation, select the key points of the travel path, and the annotation tool automatically generates the
fitting curve

Semantic Segmentation

Tracking id

Annotate ID of vehicles/pedestrains appearing in different scenes, correspond the ID of the same vehicle/pedestrian appearing in different scenes

Traffic Sign Recognition

Traffic lights and street signals detection: Bounding box and attribution annotation

Drivable Area Annotation

The detection of drivable area is mainly to provide path planning assistance for automatic driving, which can detect the whole road surface, or extract part of the road information, which can be combined with
high-precision map to realize road path planning and obstacle avoidance.

One-stop AI Data Solutions Platform

Data Security

Multiple security protection, enterprise intranet deployment, low-level authority control, customized data access security path.


Front and rear end service with good scalability, service equipment ensures 7*24 hours service.

Superior Performance

Support over 10000 personnel annotation at the same time, service TPS over 10000.


Flexible configuration quickly adapts to a variety of data annotation demands, millisecond response export.


Annotation tools support customized design, development, and deployment to ensure service scalability.


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