Data Collection

Boost your data collection capabilities for machine learning, pattern recognition,
and computer vision solutions

Global Data
Collection Network

AI enabled cloud services and smart applications are highly dependent on the large & divercified dataset. In order for supporting such kind of customers, we have established a global data collection network acorss more than 40 countries.

Scenario-based Dataset

A high quality dataset will be the key competence for
advanced AI researches, and a high quality scenario-based
dataset will be the competence for AI solutions. We have
been providing customized dataset for typical AI scenarios.

Our Data Collection Services

Why Choose maadaa?

Professional On-site
Data Collection Program

Fully Compliance With
Local Data Policy

Data Copyright

Get Started In 3 Simple Steps

Get in touch

Introduce your project to us. What are your project requirements? Send us an email. Our AI experts will analyze your application scenario. Reference cases will be provided if applicable.

Try out a test

Test your project with a sample set. AI solutions are dependent on real and highly contextualized scenarios. We will work with you on your sample data set to ensure project parameters meet your requirements.


Tool customization and production at volume. Our AI Data Engineers will develop tools applicable to your problem sets while our operations team will run the production through an online platform and dedicated on-site data factory.