E-commerce & Retail

AI technology energizes the e-commerce and retail industries to optimize the resource allocation and efficiency of the whole industrial chain from production, circulation to sales, and combine the online/offline modes to provide consumers with a smart and personalized consumption experience.

Typical application scenarios include a smart recommendation, customer service, shopping guide, unmanned storage, unmanned logistics, unmanned stores, etc.

Cases for E-commerce & Retail

Analysis of Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior data in a retail store: Face recognition, consumer tracking, and Re-id

3D Key Points of Clothing

Commodity Detection

Online Products Dataset ( more than 80 categories, more than 2 million products ID and attributes ) Products image collection in real stores (US, East Asia, South east Asia, EU ); Hot Products dataset customization, such as Cars, Clothing, electronic products, general merchandise

Smart Customer Service

Smart Q&A text corpus design in vertical fields, including catering,
tourism, e-commerce, automobile, real estate, etc. The collection and
annotation of smart Q&A speech corpus includes multi-scene and
multi-language. Named Entity Recognition of Q&A Corpus (NER)

One-stop AI Data Solutions Platform

Data Security

Multiple security protection, enterprise intranet deployment, low-level authority control, customized data access security path.


Front and rear end service with good scalability, service equipment ensures 7*24 hours service.

Superior Performance

Support over 10000 personnel annotation at the same time, service TPS over 10000.


Flexible configuration quickly adapts to a variety of data annotation demands, millisecond response export.


Annotation tools support customized design, development, and deployment to ensure service scalability.


The annotation tool, annotation process, and project staff management have been verified by more than 200,000 tasks, which are efficient and easy to use.