Human Body High Precision Segmentation Dataset

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Dataset ID


Dataset Name

Human Body High Precision Segmentation Dataset

Data Type



About 424.8k

Data Collection

Shoot manually and collected from internet, image resolution ranges from 316*600 to 6601 x 9900


Semantic Segmentation

Annotation Notes

High precision segmentation of human body, including limbs (left and right arms or upper and lower arms + left and right legs or legs), clothing (coats, jackets, dresses, dresses, dresses, skirts, coats, socks, trousers, ties), facial thinning (eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, beard), skin (skin color differentiates in some cases), caps, hair, accessories (Accessories, bags, belts, gloves, scarves), backgrounds, etc.)

Application Scenarios

Apparel, E-commerce, Visual Entertainment

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