MaidX (maadaa AI Data Platform)
Based on our successful practices of thousands of commercial AI data projects, launched the industry-leading MaidX data platform, providing one-stop AI data solutions for industry AI product development.
Our motivation is to help AI industry customers efficiently capture, process and manage data, carry on model training, for fast and low-cost AI technology introduction.
Product Specifications
Typical Scenario Dataset:
  • proprietary commercial datasets (Alternative scenario)
  • Open industry and academic datasets
  • Typical datasets and reference algorithms (Alternative)
Dataset PF Customizetion:
  • data collection and annotation platform
  • Customized annotation tools (Alternative)
  • Professional project management service
Dataset PF Customizetion:
  • Unified management PF for dataset and computing resources
  • Visualization of training and testing
  • Standardized testing datasets for typical scenarios
Dataset Security and Multi-user:
  • Data desensitization and encryption
  • Multi-level user authority and authentication
  • Cross-project & cross-team dataset sharing
Product Form:
  • Dataset package
  • Platform software
  • CPU/GPU server ( Hardware )
Maidx Premium
Maidx Lite
Our Partners
Collaboration with Global AI Industries, Universities and Organizations
One-stop AI Data Solution
Start with Our Comprehensive AI Data Services
Rich data accumulation in typical AI industry and application scenarios, combined with solid understanding of AI data requirement.
Our AI data platform can flexibly support public cloud and private cloud deployment and operation.
Complying with ISO/IEC 27001 and GDPR, we have successful experiences with customers on security data service.
Support fast & low-cost AI PoC, with efficient iterations among scenario analysis, algorithm optimization and dataset customization.
Completed data toolset and templates, supporting fast customization according to customers’ personalized requirements.
Network coverage more than 40 countries, providing data collection and annotation service for multilingual language, landmark, and so on.

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